Monday, December 25, 2006

Del's favorite musical happenings in 2006

It was a solid year for music and I've decided to make a list of my top 20. Here it goes:

20. Sonic Youth- Rather Ripped

19. Beck- The Information

18. Yo La Tengo- I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

17. The Coup- Pick A Bigger Weapon

16. Man Man- Six Demon Bag

15. Beirut- Gulag Orchestra

14. Destroyer- Destroyer's Rubies

13. Tapes 'N Tapes- The Loon

12. Liars- Drums Not Dead

11. Joanna Newsom- Ys

10. The Decemberists- The Crane Wife

9. Gnarls Barkley- St. Elsewhere

8. Sunset Rubdown- Shut Up I Am Dreaming

7. Thom Yorke- The Eraser

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Show Your Bones

5. Lily Allen- Alright, Still

4. Cat Power- The Greatest

3. The Raconteurs- Broken Boy Soldier

2. The Knife- Silent Shout

1. TV on the Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain

Now for my fave songs of the year (in no particular order with the exception of TV on the Radio's 'Wolf Like Me' which is easily the greatest single that came out in 2006)

'Crazy'- Gnarls Barkley

'Knock 'Em Out'- Lily Allen

'The Greatest'- Cat Power

'Roscoe'- Midlake

'Blue Veins'- The Raconteurs

'We Used to Vacation'- Cold War Kids

'And I Was A Boy From School'- Hot Chip

'Be Mine Everyone'- Sam Champion

'Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken'- Camera Obscura

'Ridin''- Chamillionaire

'Summersong'- The Decemberists

'Sad Sad City'- Ghostland Observatory

'Get Myself Into It'- The Rapture

'Wolf Like Me'- TV on the Radio

'I DOn't Feel Like Dancin''- Scissor Sisters

'We Are the Ones'- The Coup

'English Bwudd'- Man Man

'Cellphone's Dead'- Beck

'Dani california'- Red Hot Chili Peppers

'Silent SHout'- The Knife

'European Oils'- Destroyer

'Young Folks'- Peter, Bjorn and John

'In the Morning'- Jumior Boys

'Smiley Faces'- Gnarls Barkely

'Insistor'- Tapes 'N Tapes

'Black Swan'- Thom Yorke

'Pull Shapes'- The Pipettes

'Hospital Beds'- Cold War Kids

'Yours To Keep'- The Teddybears

'Gold Lion'- Yeah yeah yeahs

'Fake Tales of San Francisco'- The Arctic Monkeys

'Totes Probs Maybs Theme Song'- Jack Dolgen

'Steady As She Goes'- The Raconteurs

'Massive Nights'- The Hold Steady

'The Funeral'- Band of Horses

'Pushover'- The Long Winters

'Smile'- Lily Allen

'You Eyes Are Liars'- Sound Team

'Sexy Back'- Justin Timberlake

'Like A Pen'- The Knife

'Ain't No Other Man'- Christina Aguillera

'Multiply'- Jamie Lidell

'Wildcat'- Ratatat

'Another One Goes By'- The Walkmen

'Star Witness'- Neko Case

'They Took A Vote and said No'- Sunset Rubdown

'Mr. Tough'- Yo La Tengo

'Winter Tour'- Britta Persson

'Incinerate'- Sonic Youth'

'Let's make Love and Listen Death From Above'- CSS

'Joker and the Thief'- Wolfmother

'Good Weekend'- Art Brut

'Goin' Against Your Mind'- Built to Spill

'The Book I Write'- Spoon

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Top Ten of 2006

What a year it has been for music! My second post for the fall has to do with what albums really carried me through 2006. I also recently discovered flickr photo searches. hours of stalking entertainment. Here's an abridged version of what ruled my world. Hopefully i'll be able to muster up the time to explain my choices. Stay tuned for Mega and Shaps' lists.

xo wiscod

1. Sunset Rubdown—Shut Up I’m Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings

2. Swan Lake—Beast Moans

3. TV on the Radio—Return to Cookie Mountain

4. The Hold Steady- Boys and Girls in America

5. Band of Horses- Everything All The Time

6. Grizzly Bear- Yellow House

7. The Big Sleep- Son of the Tiger

8. The Thermals- The Body, The Blood, The Machine

9. Ferraby Lionheart- s/t ep

10. Final Fantasy- He Poos Clouds

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dukes Up!

So yeah, as you've noticed, we at TPM have barely been able to post for the last week or so. Del and Rach were at ACL and then had to assimilate back into their normal, non-festival-going lives. Mad props to them for holding up the phone during Wolf Parade’s set for me. It’s almost as if I were actually there…

I had a massively successful album release and show for The Big Sleep this past Tuesday and Thursday. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported them- the show was so much fun!

And Mega is chilling with her mom in Italy, probs drinking boatloads of vino and massive quantities of pasta. Damn her!

Now, before I throw myself back into my life's work, I wanted to point out that there is someone out there who is willing to fight me for the president of the Spencer Krug fanclub.

Last week- this photo was in my email inbox:

and I countered it with this:

We shall see what happens tonight when both me and my adversary are in the same room with the man himself. CK1 (kate) and I were at the show last night and I’m still on a high from it. How can one band be so immeasurably talented? Spencer was in an amazing mood, cracking jokes and interacting with the rambunctious crowd. His new moustache is a thing of beauty… well maybe only to me. Someone in the crowd yelled out “You look like Magnum P.I.!” and when he put on his sweat-head band, he claimed he was The Karate Kid Magnum P.I.”

Oh that guy. He can do no wrong.

I’m pretty sure they played almost every song off of “Shut Up I’m Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings”, plus a new one, as well as Winged/Wicked Things, and an updated Three Colours.

Anyways, hope you are coming tonight, or else you’ll be missing out BIG TIME.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moments Like Deez

Whoooooo Wheeee! What a day at the office I've had. It's been non-stop and I don't really forsee a break for awhile. But that's ok, I can't complain. Although I should point out that I offered a certain Holmes my first child if he'd help me out on a review.

Anyways, it's 6:40p and I'm taking a brief break, before I pound out somemore work and then head for the soccer field to avenge our last Icy Hot losses.

What am i going to do to relax you ask? well I'm glad you did.

1. I'm going to unwind to music that I love. Right now: Ferraby Lionheart, Eagle Seagull, Swan Lake (well only what has leaked), WP, Beirut, Destroyer, Ween... pretty much nothing has changed in my rotation of tunes for the past couple weeks.

Check out the new Eagle*Seagull video for Photograph. Yaps anyone?

2. Search for things to go in my new apt in Brooklyn with CK1 (Kate!)

Who wants to be the Jack to our Janet and Chrissy? Wait, please say I'm not Janet.

3. Fantasize about the weekend. Free Love as Laughter show AND bday parties for Sono Oto and 3xWes!

4. Check up on how my favorite panda, Tai Shan is doing at DC's National Zoo with Panda Cam.

5. Shooting angry thoughts at Rach and Del for going to ACL without me. How i'm going to make it through tomorrow's Wolf Parade set by phone... I do not know.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So What If I Like To Embed Things

How sweet is this Ferraby Lionheart video???? So what if i'm using this blog as a vehicle to push artists I work with? Tell me this music isn't melting your heart. F y'all haters!

Friday, September 8, 2006

New Music Fridays

Chrashers loves White Flight. Wiscod loves White Flight. Readers of TPM... will love White Flight. Watch all four of his videos here to figure out why.

Last night Chrashers told me that he often finds new music through his fave bands myspace top 8's. And so since Chrashers loves White Flight, he came upon his new love... Black Nasty. Listen to this Witchita, KS masterpiece and hear why this band, with songs like 'Gimme Your Butt' and 'Jheri Curl', is poised to become the next big thing. Check them out at

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Now That's What I Call A Video!

Check out the new video for Band of Horses 'The Great Salt Lake' featuring my boys from Seattle. All my friends are there- makes me miss that town so bad. If you watch the sidelines closely you can see 'Ja!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Meh. Not what I had envisioned (nor did Shaps) for this video. Oh well. Where's Spencer and Dan?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hi Fi 2nite

Hope to see you fools there. Rumor has it that Sonya is bringing her tv and nintendo for a little Dr. Mario action for prizes. You'll also have a chance to kick Danny's ass at pool and school Gabe at Ms. Pac-Man.

Who else is totally not feeling this weather? I feel like I should be cast in the remake of Singles, with my current woe-is-me attitude, accented by a constant umbrella. Whoa! That would be so rad- Singles 2: Yep, I'm Still Single (and Miserable, But I Sure Do Listen To Good Music).

Farewell to Summer

Summer is officially over - Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back on the menu at Starbucks! It is only a matter of days before the streets of Manhattan are overrun with tiny girls wearing huge uggs and oversized scarves. Minus that incredibly annoying vision, I really enjoy fall in NYC. The leaves change, football season starts, CMJ rolls through , Halloween costume brainstorming begins, TV programming gets better, and I can begin the search for the perfect boots! I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and I'll leave you with a few songs (and photos) that TPM hopes will get you in the mood for fall.

Mere: Yo La Tengo 'Autumn Sweater'

Dana: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince 'Nightmare on my Street'

Shaps: High Five and the Giggles 'I Ate Butternut Squash Soup for Lunch'

Del: Tom Petty 'Into the Great Wide Open'

Monday, August 28, 2006


Just wanted to give a shout out to my BFF and her boo on their engagement - Congrats Stacie and Paul! You make an amazing couple and I wish you all the best in life, love, music and beer pong. Watch out for them in an upcoming issue of Blender Magazine - their band, High Five and the Giggles, is more or less the next Mates of State but with more primal screams and hard riffs.

The evil empire of beer pong

Shaps and I trying to distract the other team.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Never Have I Ever... Been More Proud

Milwaukee is named 'Drunkest City'

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee has been ranked by as 'America's Drunkest City' on a list of 35 major metropolitan areas ranked for their drinking habits. Forbes said Tuesday it used numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rank cities in five areas: state laws, number of drinkers, number of heavy drinkers, number of binge drinkers and alcoholism.

Minneapolis-St. Paul was ranked second overall; followed by Columbus, Ohio; Boston; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Cleveland; Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia and Providence, R.I., in a tie for ninth.

Rick DeMeyer, 28, said Wednesday as he was celebrating his birthday at G-Daddy's BBC he could understand Milwaukee's ranking. 'I have had people stay with me from London and Chicago, and they can't get over how much we drink,' he said. 'I guess we do.'

But officials at Visit Milwaukee, the area's convention and visitors bureau, contend that the city has come a long way in ridding itself of its beer-guzzling image.

Milwaukeeans have plenty of other ways to entertain themselves without drinking alcohol, said Dave Fantle, a spokesman for the group. He noted a new convention center and baseball park had been built and the Milwaukee Art Museum expanded in recent years.

'We've gone from Brew City to new city,' he said.

(from yahoo via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

to read the Forbes article- click on dis

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Music I've Been Listening The Shit Out Of Lately

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but it seems like we all are actually working. I have to get back to doing my thang, but I thought I'd share with you the music i'm currently obsessing over.

1. Eagle*Seagull. Thanks Senior Beacheroos for passing on the info that this band is the midwestern equivalent of Wolf Parade. I obviously took notice and now can't turn them off, but only for...

2. Beirut. Totally went to McCarren Park this weekend armed to hate, and came out making love not war. This kids voice is to die for and the eastern european backing music makes me swoon.

3. Swan Lake. Yeah I only have one song- 'All Fires'- but it's still on repeat!

4. Ferraby Lionheart. Chrashers and Kevers tipped me off to this LA singer/songwriter, which normally I'd shrug off, but upon listening to his myspace site music and having a chat with him on the phone... he won me over instantly. He's just as mellow and thoughtful as his tunes.

5. Ween. Baby Bitch is incredible. Chocolate & Cheese in general is awesome both as a record and in my stomach... with emphasis on the cheese.

6. Wolf Parade. Found some new-old gems like 'Killing Armies' and 'Secret Knives' and some live shit I can't get enough of. Hello, I love this band. Bring on the Runner/Fancy Claps remixes bitches!

7. Modest Mouse 'Edit the Sad Parts'- best Mouse song ever written. period.

ok back to work.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

speaking of all things music my mom

Speaking of all things music, my mom just IMed me this:

Mom: Dana is there a group--Indie Rock?

(I'm dying laughing right now)

Monday, July 17, 2006

A cat that looks like Hitler

I've been putting off talking to my new roomate about not wanting a cat in our apartment. He wants one, I don't. I'm just not a cat fan, its just that simple. Don't want to deal with the mess, smell or overall attitude- sue me. I will speak to him today, it's fine.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Game On!

While Adam was uptown geekily analyzing Simon & Garfinkel lyrics on Monday, a pack of us,, non-geeks were partying hard at the inaugural 'TPM & Friends BOARD GAME NIGHT' at Loreley Biergarten! Yes, the gigantic beers and brats were plentiful and the competition fierce, and Team Awesome (comprised of TPM, Jeff and Balint) barely lost to Team Wales (Nell, Wendles, and smarty pants co-workers Clark, BJ & Michelle) in a rowdy round of Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition. What we lacked in knowledge of Olympic bobsledders and alien possessed actresses (ahem!), we totes made up for in spirit! We had so much nerdy fun, I declared summer 2006, Summer of the Board Game!

Clark answers the multiple choice question 'what's 1 +1 =?' correctly. Phew!

Jeff quietly inches away fromTeam Awesome, but Mere alerts the troops just in time to answer the incorrect number of gears on a unicycle!Team Wales discussing the wonders of the babes of TPM....oh the wonders.

Next week we game again: perhaps Taboo, maybe Balderdash, I'd like to introduce a certain Texan to Uno even! If you're into it, let us know - we'd love ya to join up! We're specifically looking for folks who excel in geography, sports and whatever the hell the yellow category is...

Stay tuned for deets on the where and when for round 2!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Meet My New Boyfriend

I forgot to add this photo to Mere's 4th-o-July recap, but yours truly got herself a new man that weekend. To Wiscod's rabid male following, I'm sorry, but i'm off the market. Elissa's new family member is defs the hottest commodity in all of Plattsburgh.

Meet Duffy. The boy whole stole my frigid, man weary heart.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Battle for Plattsburgh

Better late than never....

Wow - what an amazing 4th of July weekend. Many thanks to the Brown/Larkin clan for making our trip so amazing. If only we could do it all again! But only after I catch up on sleep and my 20+ mosquito bites clear up.

From the very second we left the city last Friday it was easy to see that one of the main theme's of the weekend would be to battle it out to see who could throw down the best jokes and insults. Before we even reached Plattsburgh the battle lines were drawn and the hilarity that ensued would take forever to recap in its entirety. Basically, you learn a lot about your friends while sleeping in an attic, sharing a port-a-potty, eating every meal together, going to strip clubs and playing water sports together for 4 days. Here is the abridged version:


After outing B & T to Elissa's family we all settled into our new digs and began happily eating, drinking and playing Dana's weirdo version of trivial pursuit. Eventually it got the best of Balint and he turned in for the night with sneakers on his feet and Paul Van Dyk blaring in his ears. Apparently he finds trance relaxing.

Balint loves Tarik's moves.


Today began much as the rest of our trip would - with Skippy McHappy Pants fidgeting around until someone would agree to run and/or swim with him. Now I fully understand why people enjoy choking him so much. After he successfully got us all up we played a bit of soccer before heading into town to catch the World Cup game. After a delicious dinner we got the bonfire going, shot off some fireworks and roasted marshmallows. The night ended with a kick-ass dance party and Megadeath roaring up in her transam blaring Bad to the Bone. That would be her one and only appearance in Plattsburgh much to the delight of me and everyone else.

Moments before Tarik began bouncing off the walls from his sugar high.

Don't trust this guy.

'I love America!'

Megadeath let's loose.


Blame Canada - for a totes awes day!

A rare daytime photo of Megadeath plotting to kill all of us, plus any french-speaking Canadian...


The view out the car window as we pulled into Plattsburgh at dawn.


Today was filled with all kinds of water sports adventures. Congrats to Balint and Tarik for learning to water ski and for getting some of the biggest laughs of the day by wiping out so many times. There is nothing funnier than watching people fall. Oh wait, yes there is - watching Tarik try to play trivial pursuit. I'm sure he would be amazing at the San Francisco edition though :)

Trivial Pursuit Champions!


Farewell Plattsburgh - Until next year!

Moments before Skippy McHappy Pants woke us up - at 8:15 a.m.!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Hate You

Dear group of rowdy drunks at last night's Sunset Rubdown show at the Merc,

I hate you. You ruined the show for me and Shaps. Why couldn't you take the hint that everyone found you to be obnoxious and wanted you to shut the fuck up? You think we thought you were funny when you screamed 'yyyeaaaahhh' until your voice was scratchy and about to blow? I was praying to God that your voice would become so strained that it would give out. And how about you, Ms. Trashed but this is My Favorite Band even though I'm going to block everyone's view and talk and makeout with my boyfriend during the show? What do you have to say for yourself? Die bitch.

With venemous rage,


whew glad I got that off my chest. cheers to Shaps for telling them off. What a bummer.

The show was still great- opening with Sinead O'Conner's Nothing Compares 2 U. But it was no Monday night... I still love you Spencer!

here's some fun You Tube links for you so you can stop watching the video of me dancing below.

1. My friend Gareth from Wisco (note the Packers visor) and his friend Evan (from the Dr. Pepper commercial) made a funny video about high stakes poker

2. This is what the Blender party on Tues was supposed to be like, but we had to just settle for good times with Art Brut, Ghostface Killah, and Ice-T's wife Coco.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

del thought this was funny so i said

Del thought this was funny, so I said I'd post it for him. Please do not let this divert your attention from our need to get him here for Friday's party. Refer to post below.

Does anyone else think he looks like former Phantom Planet member Jacques Brautbar? I do! Reminds me of the time he said to me, and I quote, 'Fuck off Dana!'

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Meet Sue

Everyone meet Channel 4's Live at Five anchor, Sue.

She has a hive today. Why do I know this? Because she won't stop talking about it. It's under her eye, and she wants everyone to know that it's not because she was out late drinking.... right Sue, I'm sure you weren't kicking back Irish Car Bombs with your rival station's weatherman Sam Champion in Chelsea late nite...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

How To Be WiscoD

Ahhh the life of an unemployed woman. It's good, reallll good.

So as to not make our dear readers too jealous, I'm just going to give you a tiny snippet of my past two days.

Yesterday I woke up at 1030ish, leisurely walked over to kinkos (my new spizzzot), stopped by my fave bar/cafe Lotus Lounge to eat a bagel and listen to the smooth music of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, and make my way uptown for an interview.

After the interview I made my way even further uptown to get a physical while my ass still has health insurance. You'll be glad to know I'm extremely healthy. But unfortunately my lucky streak ran out when I was mysteriously pulled into Bergdorf Goodman's and accidentally bought a pair of shoes. I had an episode of thinking I still work hard for my money.

Anways- last night I was lucky enough to see the imcomparable Eddie Argos and his band Art Brut at the Bowery Ballroom. My good spirits continued with drinking actual spirits... one too many of them I might add. I think at one point I tried to become friendly with David Cross (he was celebrating his birthday) only to be completely shut down. Oh well. I continued to chew off anyone's ear that seemed remotely interested in my ramblings ('sup Catherine from The Pierces - - we both got the boot from the same company). After shamelessly trying to flirt with the barback, I headed home at 2a. Come to think of it, people tell me my flirting style is more like the cold shoulder, so sorry if that's how I came off.

Moving on to 1130a this morning- yes that's when I woke up- and it was snowing!!!!! WTF!!!! Rachel pointed out that there was a green cloud. One of her coworkers suggested it was a sign that katie holmes was having her spawn of l ron hubbard and nature was rebelling. check it out- freaky deaky!

At 3p, I headed to South Street Seaport to see the Bodies Exhibition. My review is somewhere between meh and wow. I had to keep my stomach from spewing out its contents by trying not to think that the cadavers (that were out in the open) were real people. But they are, or at least were. Anyways, it was fascinating to say the least.

And now I'm home, looking forward to a couple more days of hitting the museums and the bars without a care in the world. Oh shit- I gotta get a job!

And Rach wants everyone to know that the third rule of Gremlins is:

Keep them out of sunlight! (answer courtesy of Wikipedia)

Monday, April 3, 2006

Oh What A Night... to pass out at a stranger's apt

Saturday night was one of those nights where you just look back and smile. No harm, no foul, just grand old times.

The evening began late night - - Mere was at the Flaming Lips and Rach was watching her Gators advance to the championship game. So when we all convened at Juanitas (which was celebrating its last night in existence) everyone was in a good mood. Except me... lil miss cranky pants. Luckily two free margaritas later I was having the time of my life. Altho the second 'rita wasn't so much a mixed drink as it was pure tequila. Mere made the smart decision of asking for a tequila floater on top of her already strong drink, because she was convinced by Niki that there was no alcohol in it. Good plan.

Anywho after the crowd got nice and rowdy, we made our way out to Greenpoint for DTL's bday party - - I managed to stuff one more 'rita into my purse for the cab ride over. His party was in full motion when we got there. It was so packed that the apt was a literal steam room which led to a sweaty crockpot of good looking hipsters.

Here's the birthday boy cutting the cake. mmm cake.

Now this is where things get a bit fuzzy- I know we went to the party- I know I talked to a lot of people and I know they had the most delish cake ever. And I know Mere had to be taken home due to her (always fun) drunken antics. Rach reminded me that all night I was calling Mere 'little nugget' and she was not taking it to well.

Anyways- Rach and I ended up over at Matt from The Comas apt with Noah. I slept on the bed while a full on jam session went down. Check out Rach on the guitar... and then the trumpet. Weeeeee!

Here's Rach's attempt at being arty. It's my sleeping face as seen through Noah's fro.

And here's a first... apparantly my chatter makes people pass out. Check out Matt's roommate on the left.

Matt played us the new Comas record... and I'm sure it was great, but I can't remember. All in all I learned that: tequila + beer + delish cake + daylight savings time = massive hangover.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Last night I went to the most delicious restaurant for dins - - courtesy of one Jamal Tang (yes, I'll still milking the 'I just got laid off' line) - - only to have the experience ruined by one trip to the bathroom.

If you have a weak stomach, much like my own, please do not read on.

As I stood waiting for the women's bathroom to open up, I noticed a strange smell coming from the men's bathroom which was vacant. So instead of breaking the rules and using the gents, I held out for the much cleaner women's room. Boy did I make a mistake.

The lady before me, not much younger than me, crept out with a sheepish look on her face. That was my first tip something was up. As I entered the bathroom, a smell overtook me that was beyond unpleasant. This person dropped the doodie bomb of the century. I held my breath, forgetting you were supposed to breathe through your mouth and not your nose in a situation like this. And I'm very stubborn, this bitch's foul ass was not going to deter me from doing my business. The bathroom was tiny, and dark, and suffocating...

and then I gave in. Yes, ladies and gents, yours truely was so overcome by the smell, that she puked in the sink. And it was painful- I think my stomach made it up to my throat.

I was still gagging on my way to the subway, and waking up this morning, the queasiness hasn't left me.

moral of the story- use the men's bathroom if the woman before you shat her brains out. done and done.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The 3 rules of Gremlins: according to Rach

1. Don't feed 'em

2. Don't get 'em wet.

3. Don't fuck with 'em.

Friday, March 10, 2006

We be Clubbin' Y'all

Last night I attended a party honoring Debbie Harry for Blondie's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was hosted by Marc Jacobs and was crawling with hipsters, fashionistas and club kids. The waiters were decked out in fishnets, converse, shorts, blondie t-shirts by Marc Jacobs and loads of eyeliner. They looked pretty awesome but I don't know how excited all the guys were to wear hoisery. And the rumor I heard was that they get to keep every part of their outfit except the fishnets. Hello ball sweat. The highlight of my evening was seeing former club icon Suzanne Barsch and her juicer dwarf of a husband ham it up on the red carpet. She was wearing 8 inch heels and a nude body stocking while he rocked lots of muscles and a mesh shirt. Nothing is more attractive than mesh - nothing. As pathetic as it sounds I was really only there cause I heard Lindsay Lohan was coming and that the gift bags were awesome. I wasn't disappointed on either count. L. Lo showed up with her 'handlers' posed for some shots and then disappeared into the depths of the VIP room. She looked pretty damn good - I dig her with the dark hair. The gift bags had lots of MJ swag including a full size cologne - first guy out there who asks for it can have it as I am flying solo these days (this is in no way an advertisement saying that I need a date - but I do - haha). My friend Sam helped style the event and has posted all about it on his blog:

Have a great weekend!


Mere: Fastest Man Alive/ Sound Team

Del: Rainbow Connection/ Kermit the Frog

Dane: Heart In A Cage/ The Strokes

Rach: I Pee On Girls/ R. Kelly

* Dana would like to comment that she was told that she resembles Nick from The Strokes today. Is that a compliment? She'd also like to say this is the first strokes song she's ever liked.

* and Dana would also like everyone to read this amazing dialogue.

A new TPM rule

Everyone should always drop f-bombs and talk about fisting bitches and if you're not into it, then we're not into you!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Um.. About Time

Please DOn't read the updated posts on our arch blog nemesis' site LOLing on the BRB

Christian and Jefferson are both in love with me, so naturally their posts would be all about yours truely.

nice posts guys. keep it up, k? k.

Oh and now i'm obsessed with the Bing Bong Brothers. Check out their hit music video.

and Joey Cheek hasn't written me back yet... whatever.... we are so over.

and Yacht Rock #7 is up!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I Formed a Snow Gang

I hope that everyone enjoyed their snowy weekend and ambushed at least one unsuspecting by-stander with a massive snowball. I know I sure did. I don't know if it was the weather or work stress or what but my homies and I decided to let it all hang out this weekend. My left eye has officially been twitching for 48 hours and I am still laughing at the antics of Dana Dane from Saturday night.

On Friday night I was pretty much left to my own devices as I ignored calls from Dana and Rachel (I swear I texted D back but I erased my outbox at some point so we'll never know for sure) because I was drunk by 9 pm. Open bar + seeing random dude from college = chugging wine. Headed over to Sala 19 around 9:30 for dinner with some friends but I was only concentrating on drinking so by the end of dinner I was sitting at the table listening to my Ipod (I can't get enough of Gnarls Barkley!). Around midnight Sara, Patrick and I cruised to my apartment for a drink and apparently I made them listen to my yacht rock mix on repeat for a solid hour. Sometimes when I get drunk all I care about is my own little multi-media world of ipods, computers and music and I ignore the people I'm with - so not my best quality and I've offended many with this act. Against my better judgement we decide to go to Orchard Bar where I am already notorious for my drunken behavior and often find myself hiding from the bar staff that knows me so well. Sara and Patrick try to get me dancing but all I want to do is sit in the corner and smoke cigs which I do and get in trouble with security multiple times. I am such a rebel. Around 3 we make an abrupt exit as Sara has poured an entire drink on some dude that has offended her in some way. I didn't see it happen, however, because I was involved in a lip-lock with a gay man. True story.

Woke up Saturday morning confused and embarrassed and spent most of the day on the verge of a hangover induced anxiety attack. I pulled my act together sometime around 6 and prepared myself for the night ahead. Met up with Dana, Rach, Niki and Sylvia at the Mercury Lounge to see our boys Apollo Sunshine tear shit up. They rocked it old-skool style as a 3 piece band since Sean has moved to Cali to pursue other things. Their rendition of Phyliss had me box stepping like a champ in the back right corner. After their set it was off to Fontanas for Christian and Lucy's going away bash. Jay was killing it on the turntables and there were familiar faces everywhere. Fontana's has a 'no dancing' policy that was extremely hard to follow and eventually it just became a mute point as dance off challenges were made and accepted every 30 seconds. The lord of the dance prize has to go to Casper for ripping off his shirt and breakdancing while his girlfriend looked on in horror. Dana also gets an honorable mention for her graceful flying ninja move off the stairs. I am still laughing about it. In general, Dana was the highlight of my evening as she polished off 8 vodka tonics, an irish car bomb and 2 shots. She really was on fire and tried to party to the very end, eventually succumbing to fatigue and laying down on the floor in the corner of the bar. That's just how she rolls. Jay, Niki, Shannon and I walked her outside around 4 and I've been told she made it home ok after some pizza.

Sunday I awoke with a smile on my face as there is nothing I like more than a nice blizzard. I walked the 25 blocks down to Clinton and Rivington for brunch with Dana, Rach and Sylvia and arrived winded and feeling mildly ill. After some food and coffee I was feeling all charged up and ready to make the most of the snow. After leaving the restaurant it took only 2 minutes for me to push Dana into a pile of snowy goodness. For 2 blocks either Rach, Dana or I were laying in a pile of snow or being impaled by countless snowballs. We took our party over to tompkins square park where we were joined by Christian who brutally tripped us and threw us down multiple times. Rach is now nursing a sprained ankle! We then picked up a group of little kids who followed us around for about half an hour attacking us. The day ended in a hail of snowballs from a roof on the corner of 7th and A and 2 girls throwing ice at Christian. These girls were probably about 12 and when he told them to stop throwing ice one replied 'You're throwing ice too mother fucker!'. That was the end of that friendship. Oh and I almost forgot, I totally culkined myself! In order to avoid a snowball I backed up and fell over a snow bank landing on my ass on Ave A. As I tried to lift myself up between fits of laughter Niki and Elissa magically appeared with a weird russian fellow and threw snow in my face. Way to hit me when I'm down ladies.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Uh Yeah

Don't forget:

Tomorrow 2/11


Bye Bye Christian and Lucy


Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Nacho Libre

This looks funny as hell: Check the preview for the new Jack Black movie here

By the way, who is getting pumped for SXSW? I am! Hells yeah. It goes down in just little over a month so rest up, kiddies, cos its gonna be a rough one. Is it worth it to stand in line all night in the hopes of catching Morrissey or is that just a bad idea altogether? Is it possible to see Art Brut 5 times in 4 days? With so many awesome day parties going down and so much good free food and drink to be consumed this festival is not to be missed. Who are you most excited to see?

Also, big ups to Coachella for adding Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Ted Leo and Eagles of Death Metal to the festivities. Keep it up and we might just have a sweet little weekend on our hands.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Weekend Prizzle

Rach and Del are bringing their sweet sweet love to Austin tonight- so that leaves mere and me to take on NY ourselves. And where else would we go but to an Edward 40 Hands party in Greenpoint? Do I know the guys pictured in the photo above? no. Is there a chance I passed out on the front steps of their frat a 'few' years back? yes. We are keeping the tradition strong by consuming a beverage that should have been retired long before we left the land of roofies.

and did anyone see this big guy in the NY Post today? Mere told me she would pay to see me walking it down the street. So I says 'pay? saddle up! i'm going for a ride'

have a good weekend peeps!