Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Hate You

Dear group of rowdy drunks at last night's Sunset Rubdown show at the Merc,

I hate you. You ruined the show for me and Shaps. Why couldn't you take the hint that everyone found you to be obnoxious and wanted you to shut the fuck up? You think we thought you were funny when you screamed 'yyyeaaaahhh' until your voice was scratchy and about to blow? I was praying to God that your voice would become so strained that it would give out. And how about you, Ms. Trashed but this is My Favorite Band even though I'm going to block everyone's view and talk and makeout with my boyfriend during the show? What do you have to say for yourself? Die bitch.

With venemous rage,


whew glad I got that off my chest. cheers to Shaps for telling them off. What a bummer.

The show was still great- opening with Sinead O'Conner's Nothing Compares 2 U. But it was no Monday night... I still love you Spencer!

here's some fun You Tube links for you so you can stop watching the video of me dancing below.

1. My friend Gareth from Wisco (note the Packers visor) and his friend Evan (from the Dr. Pepper commercial) made a funny video about high stakes poker

2. This is what the Blender party on Tues was supposed to be like, but we had to just settle for good times with Art Brut, Ghostface Killah, and Ice-T's wife Coco.