Monday, July 17, 2006

A cat that looks like Hitler

I've been putting off talking to my new roomate about not wanting a cat in our apartment. He wants one, I don't. I'm just not a cat fan, its just that simple. Don't want to deal with the mess, smell or overall attitude- sue me. I will speak to him today, it's fine.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Game On!

While Adam was uptown geekily analyzing Simon & Garfinkel lyrics on Monday, a pack of us,, non-geeks were partying hard at the inaugural 'TPM & Friends BOARD GAME NIGHT' at Loreley Biergarten! Yes, the gigantic beers and brats were plentiful and the competition fierce, and Team Awesome (comprised of TPM, Jeff and Balint) barely lost to Team Wales (Nell, Wendles, and smarty pants co-workers Clark, BJ & Michelle) in a rowdy round of Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition. What we lacked in knowledge of Olympic bobsledders and alien possessed actresses (ahem!), we totes made up for in spirit! We had so much nerdy fun, I declared summer 2006, Summer of the Board Game!

Clark answers the multiple choice question 'what's 1 +1 =?' correctly. Phew!

Jeff quietly inches away fromTeam Awesome, but Mere alerts the troops just in time to answer the incorrect number of gears on a unicycle!Team Wales discussing the wonders of the babes of TPM....oh the wonders.

Next week we game again: perhaps Taboo, maybe Balderdash, I'd like to introduce a certain Texan to Uno even! If you're into it, let us know - we'd love ya to join up! We're specifically looking for folks who excel in geography, sports and whatever the hell the yellow category is...

Stay tuned for deets on the where and when for round 2!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Meet My New Boyfriend

I forgot to add this photo to Mere's 4th-o-July recap, but yours truly got herself a new man that weekend. To Wiscod's rabid male following, I'm sorry, but i'm off the market. Elissa's new family member is defs the hottest commodity in all of Plattsburgh.

Meet Duffy. The boy whole stole my frigid, man weary heart.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Battle for Plattsburgh

Better late than never....

Wow - what an amazing 4th of July weekend. Many thanks to the Brown/Larkin clan for making our trip so amazing. If only we could do it all again! But only after I catch up on sleep and my 20+ mosquito bites clear up.

From the very second we left the city last Friday it was easy to see that one of the main theme's of the weekend would be to battle it out to see who could throw down the best jokes and insults. Before we even reached Plattsburgh the battle lines were drawn and the hilarity that ensued would take forever to recap in its entirety. Basically, you learn a lot about your friends while sleeping in an attic, sharing a port-a-potty, eating every meal together, going to strip clubs and playing water sports together for 4 days. Here is the abridged version:


After outing B & T to Elissa's family we all settled into our new digs and began happily eating, drinking and playing Dana's weirdo version of trivial pursuit. Eventually it got the best of Balint and he turned in for the night with sneakers on his feet and Paul Van Dyk blaring in his ears. Apparently he finds trance relaxing.

Balint loves Tarik's moves.


Today began much as the rest of our trip would - with Skippy McHappy Pants fidgeting around until someone would agree to run and/or swim with him. Now I fully understand why people enjoy choking him so much. After he successfully got us all up we played a bit of soccer before heading into town to catch the World Cup game. After a delicious dinner we got the bonfire going, shot off some fireworks and roasted marshmallows. The night ended with a kick-ass dance party and Megadeath roaring up in her transam blaring Bad to the Bone. That would be her one and only appearance in Plattsburgh much to the delight of me and everyone else.

Moments before Tarik began bouncing off the walls from his sugar high.

Don't trust this guy.

'I love America!'

Megadeath let's loose.


Blame Canada - for a totes awes day!

A rare daytime photo of Megadeath plotting to kill all of us, plus any french-speaking Canadian...


The view out the car window as we pulled into Plattsburgh at dawn.


Today was filled with all kinds of water sports adventures. Congrats to Balint and Tarik for learning to water ski and for getting some of the biggest laughs of the day by wiping out so many times. There is nothing funnier than watching people fall. Oh wait, yes there is - watching Tarik try to play trivial pursuit. I'm sure he would be amazing at the San Francisco edition though :)

Trivial Pursuit Champions!


Farewell Plattsburgh - Until next year!

Moments before Skippy McHappy Pants woke us up - at 8:15 a.m.!