Sunday, December 25, 2005

Festivus for the rest of us

It was quite a nice lil shindig on Thursday night at Motor City. Here's a few pics from the very drunken night.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


This is the last reminder of our holiday get together tonight.
We'll be making a list and checking it twice
and if you aren't there,
well let's just say TPM's other specialty is:
Medieval torture...
The first part of January is shaping up to be a dream for me, since I'll be in Tapes 'N Tapes heaven. They are now playing:

Jan. 7th @ The Delancy

Jan. 8th @ Pianos

Jan. 9th @ The Mercury Lounge

and...wait for it....

with TPM's very close personal friend- Noah Chernin of Sam Champion!

Thank you Jason from Productshop- for making this midwesterner's new year's resolution to see the same band play four times in one week come true. This beats my previous three Wolf Parade shows in a week during 2005.

Monday, December 19, 2005



(click on image to read the invite)

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Fashion Victims Who Also Punish Their Eyes.... On The Next TPM

After seeing two guys on the subway last night with them- I just had to express my distaste for colored contacts. I mean, helllllllllo, who doesn't cringe in horror when they are exposed to the snake-like glare of a person attempting to force blue eyes out of their poor brown iris'. People of the world, hear me out, it does not, nor will it ever, look real. Except for Paris Hilton, who knew she was not a natty blue eyer! Here's how TPM would look if we could rock the color of our choice.

In the spirit of TPM's love for truncation, even our family members are hopping on board. My mom included in her IM to me yesterday 'QYC'. I was stumped. What could this possibly stand for? Turns out- Quit Yer Complaining. Uh, thanks P-Mommy, I get the hint.


Rach- Texas Song/ Sam Champion

Dane- Non Photo-Blue/ Pinback

Mere- Bminor Stomp (new)/ Sam Champion

Del- Silent Life/ Fruit Bats

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Separated at birth?

I saw something on ESPN this weekend that made me do a quick double take and while I couldn't find the perfect picture I think you will get the idea. Basketball coach Phil Jackson and Kazakhstan's very own Borat DO look quite a bit alike, in my opinion. Anyone agree?

Also, I don't know how it escaped me, but I completely blanked on one of my favorite songs this year, Daft Punk's 'Robot Rock' a song perfect for rockin' out robot-style which I tend to do sometimes.

Friday, December 2, 2005

December to Remember

With the holiday season upon us I've found myself making mental lists of what I want to accomplish before the new year. I'm not talking save the world type stuff - just little things that will help ensure this is the best December on record! I've asked my equally festive friends - Dana, Rach and Del - to share their hopes and dreams with me and here's what we've come up with:


1. Find some mistletoe

2. Get lots of presies from Del, Mere and Dane

3. Wear lots of sequins ala the Bar Mitzvah of 2003

4. Ice skate in Bryant Park

5. Try not to get my tongue stuck on the pole when I get double-dog dared

6. Bake for everyone

7. Canoodle with Del by the fireplace (hot!)

8. Totally embarrass myself at the company holiday party

9. Spike the cider

10.Toss back some brews with the labs at Chumleys


1. Go to the gym. Yes that's usually a new years goal, but please, I

signed up in Sept and have only gone once. The inner tube around my

waist ain't shrinking with all the holiday parties

2. Fix the racing stripe on my head that is my roots

3. Try not to lose my job. This blog might just do that for me.

4. Buy something other than the Lord of the Rings for my pops for

Christmas. Why were there only three movies! Back to wallets and ties I guess....

5. Eat a turducken for a holiday meal

6. Figure out how a horse could kill a man via sex

7. Get kissed under a mistletoe (awwwwwwww- see I can be sweet)

8. Party like it's 1999.

9. Accomplish all of Jay's roommate Kyle's New Year's goals from 2005.

Two of them being 'join a gang' and 'fuck that shit'

10.Rinse and Repeat


1. Find the perfect reindeer sweater

2. Get stuck in a blizzard

3. Go to at least 4-5 holiday parties each week (maybe even in one night!)

4. Actually see a car with a giant red bow attached to the roof

5. Bring back whiskey game night

6. Watch Love Actually and Bridget Jones at least 5 times each

7. Have a snowball fight where Dana may or may not end up in a pile of garbage

8. Avoid Macy's like the plague

9. Take a trip to makeout city under the mistletoe

10.Form a band and/or write a musical


1. Piss in the punch bowl

2. Ring in the New Year in NYC

3. Presents - give some and receive some

4. Make it to a Yo La Tengo Hanukkah show at Maxwells

5. Try and actually like some sort of nog drink

6. To not look like the Christmas ham

7. Get the eff out of Dallas

8. Get my snuggle on with you know who

9. Have my car be healthy

10.Kidnap a child while he/she waits in line for a photo with Santa

Wow, aren't we all ambitious?!?!?!?!

Del - The Universal/Blur

Dana - Insistor/Tapes n' Tapes

Rach - Juicebox/The Strokes

Mere - Coffee & TV/Blur