Monday, February 27, 2006

Um.. About Time

Please DOn't read the updated posts on our arch blog nemesis' site LOLing on the BRB

Christian and Jefferson are both in love with me, so naturally their posts would be all about yours truely.

nice posts guys. keep it up, k? k.

Oh and now i'm obsessed with the Bing Bong Brothers. Check out their hit music video.

and Joey Cheek hasn't written me back yet... whatever.... we are so over.

and Yacht Rock #7 is up!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I Formed a Snow Gang

I hope that everyone enjoyed their snowy weekend and ambushed at least one unsuspecting by-stander with a massive snowball. I know I sure did. I don't know if it was the weather or work stress or what but my homies and I decided to let it all hang out this weekend. My left eye has officially been twitching for 48 hours and I am still laughing at the antics of Dana Dane from Saturday night.

On Friday night I was pretty much left to my own devices as I ignored calls from Dana and Rachel (I swear I texted D back but I erased my outbox at some point so we'll never know for sure) because I was drunk by 9 pm. Open bar + seeing random dude from college = chugging wine. Headed over to Sala 19 around 9:30 for dinner with some friends but I was only concentrating on drinking so by the end of dinner I was sitting at the table listening to my Ipod (I can't get enough of Gnarls Barkley!). Around midnight Sara, Patrick and I cruised to my apartment for a drink and apparently I made them listen to my yacht rock mix on repeat for a solid hour. Sometimes when I get drunk all I care about is my own little multi-media world of ipods, computers and music and I ignore the people I'm with - so not my best quality and I've offended many with this act. Against my better judgement we decide to go to Orchard Bar where I am already notorious for my drunken behavior and often find myself hiding from the bar staff that knows me so well. Sara and Patrick try to get me dancing but all I want to do is sit in the corner and smoke cigs which I do and get in trouble with security multiple times. I am such a rebel. Around 3 we make an abrupt exit as Sara has poured an entire drink on some dude that has offended her in some way. I didn't see it happen, however, because I was involved in a lip-lock with a gay man. True story.

Woke up Saturday morning confused and embarrassed and spent most of the day on the verge of a hangover induced anxiety attack. I pulled my act together sometime around 6 and prepared myself for the night ahead. Met up with Dana, Rach, Niki and Sylvia at the Mercury Lounge to see our boys Apollo Sunshine tear shit up. They rocked it old-skool style as a 3 piece band since Sean has moved to Cali to pursue other things. Their rendition of Phyliss had me box stepping like a champ in the back right corner. After their set it was off to Fontanas for Christian and Lucy's going away bash. Jay was killing it on the turntables and there were familiar faces everywhere. Fontana's has a 'no dancing' policy that was extremely hard to follow and eventually it just became a mute point as dance off challenges were made and accepted every 30 seconds. The lord of the dance prize has to go to Casper for ripping off his shirt and breakdancing while his girlfriend looked on in horror. Dana also gets an honorable mention for her graceful flying ninja move off the stairs. I am still laughing about it. In general, Dana was the highlight of my evening as she polished off 8 vodka tonics, an irish car bomb and 2 shots. She really was on fire and tried to party to the very end, eventually succumbing to fatigue and laying down on the floor in the corner of the bar. That's just how she rolls. Jay, Niki, Shannon and I walked her outside around 4 and I've been told she made it home ok after some pizza.

Sunday I awoke with a smile on my face as there is nothing I like more than a nice blizzard. I walked the 25 blocks down to Clinton and Rivington for brunch with Dana, Rach and Sylvia and arrived winded and feeling mildly ill. After some food and coffee I was feeling all charged up and ready to make the most of the snow. After leaving the restaurant it took only 2 minutes for me to push Dana into a pile of snowy goodness. For 2 blocks either Rach, Dana or I were laying in a pile of snow or being impaled by countless snowballs. We took our party over to tompkins square park where we were joined by Christian who brutally tripped us and threw us down multiple times. Rach is now nursing a sprained ankle! We then picked up a group of little kids who followed us around for about half an hour attacking us. The day ended in a hail of snowballs from a roof on the corner of 7th and A and 2 girls throwing ice at Christian. These girls were probably about 12 and when he told them to stop throwing ice one replied 'You're throwing ice too mother fucker!'. That was the end of that friendship. Oh and I almost forgot, I totally culkined myself! In order to avoid a snowball I backed up and fell over a snow bank landing on my ass on Ave A. As I tried to lift myself up between fits of laughter Niki and Elissa magically appeared with a weird russian fellow and threw snow in my face. Way to hit me when I'm down ladies.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Uh Yeah

Don't forget:

Tomorrow 2/11


Bye Bye Christian and Lucy


Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Nacho Libre

This looks funny as hell: Check the preview for the new Jack Black movie here

By the way, who is getting pumped for SXSW? I am! Hells yeah. It goes down in just little over a month so rest up, kiddies, cos its gonna be a rough one. Is it worth it to stand in line all night in the hopes of catching Morrissey or is that just a bad idea altogether? Is it possible to see Art Brut 5 times in 4 days? With so many awesome day parties going down and so much good free food and drink to be consumed this festival is not to be missed. Who are you most excited to see?

Also, big ups to Coachella for adding Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Ted Leo and Eagles of Death Metal to the festivities. Keep it up and we might just have a sweet little weekend on our hands.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Weekend Prizzle

Rach and Del are bringing their sweet sweet love to Austin tonight- so that leaves mere and me to take on NY ourselves. And where else would we go but to an Edward 40 Hands party in Greenpoint? Do I know the guys pictured in the photo above? no. Is there a chance I passed out on the front steps of their frat a 'few' years back? yes. We are keeping the tradition strong by consuming a beverage that should have been retired long before we left the land of roofies.

and did anyone see this big guy in the NY Post today? Mere told me she would pay to see me walking it down the street. So I says 'pay? saddle up! i'm going for a ride'

have a good weekend peeps!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


So I was myspaced this link today- it's called and this is what our blog would look like if it were ghettofied.

soooooo cool.

I'm going to see Love as Laughter tonight... jealous?