Tuesday, April 18, 2006

del thought this was funny so i said

Del thought this was funny, so I said I'd post it for him. Please do not let this divert your attention from our need to get him here for Friday's party. Refer to post below.

Does anyone else think he looks like former Phantom Planet member Jacques Brautbar? I do! Reminds me of the time he said to me, and I quote, 'Fuck off Dana!'

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Meet Sue

Everyone meet Channel 4's Live at Five anchor, Sue.

She has a hive today. Why do I know this? Because she won't stop talking about it. It's under her eye, and she wants everyone to know that it's not because she was out late drinking.... right Sue, I'm sure you weren't kicking back Irish Car Bombs with your rival station's weatherman Sam Champion in Chelsea late nite...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

How To Be Unemployed...by WiscoD

Ahhh the life of an unemployed woman. It's good, reallll good.

So as to not make our dear readers too jealous, I'm just going to give you a tiny snippet of my past two days.

Yesterday I woke up at 1030ish, leisurely walked over to kinkos (my new spizzzot), stopped by my fave bar/cafe Lotus Lounge to eat a bagel and listen to the smooth music of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, and make my way uptown for an interview.

After the interview I made my way even further uptown to get a physical while my ass still has health insurance. You'll be glad to know I'm extremely healthy. But unfortunately my lucky streak ran out when I was mysteriously pulled into Bergdorf Goodman's and accidentally bought a pair of shoes. I had an episode of thinking I still work hard for my money.

Anways- last night I was lucky enough to see the imcomparable Eddie Argos and his band Art Brut at the Bowery Ballroom. My good spirits continued with drinking actual spirits... one too many of them I might add. I think at one point I tried to become friendly with David Cross (he was celebrating his birthday) only to be completely shut down. Oh well. I continued to chew off anyone's ear that seemed remotely interested in my ramblings ('sup Catherine from The Pierces - - we both got the boot from the same company). After shamelessly trying to flirt with the barback, I headed home at 2a. Come to think of it, people tell me my flirting style is more like the cold shoulder, so sorry if that's how I came off.

Moving on to 1130a this morning- yes that's when I woke up- and it was snowing!!!!! WTF!!!! Rachel pointed out that there was a green cloud. One of her coworkers suggested it was a sign that katie holmes was having her spawn of l ron hubbard and nature was rebelling. check it out- freaky deaky!

At 3p, I headed to South Street Seaport to see the Bodies Exhibition. My review is somewhere between meh and wow. I had to keep my stomach from spewing out its contents by trying not to think that the cadavers (that were out in the open) were real people. But they are, or at least were. Anyways, it was fascinating to say the least.

And now I'm home, looking forward to a couple more days of hitting the museums and the bars without a care in the world. Oh shit- I gotta get a job!

And Rach wants everyone to know that the third rule of Gremlins is:

Keep them out of sunlight! (answer courtesy of Wikipedia)

Monday, April 3, 2006

Oh What A Night... to pass out at a stranger's apt

Saturday night was one of those nights where you just look back and smile. No harm, no foul, just grand old times.

The evening began late night - - Mere was at the Flaming Lips and Rach was watching her Gators advance to the championship game. So when we all convened at Juanitas (which was celebrating its last night in existence) everyone was in a good mood. Except me... lil miss cranky pants. Luckily two free margaritas later I was having the time of my life. Altho the second 'rita wasn't so much a mixed drink as it was pure tequila. Mere made the smart decision of asking for a tequila floater on top of her already strong drink, because she was convinced by Niki that there was no alcohol in it. Good plan.

Anywho after the crowd got nice and rowdy, we made our way out to Greenpoint for DTL's bday party - - I managed to stuff one more 'rita into my purse for the cab ride over. His party was in full motion when we got there. It was so packed that the apt was a literal steam room which led to a sweaty crockpot of good looking hipsters.

Here's the birthday boy cutting the cake. mmm cake.

Now this is where things get a bit fuzzy- I know we went to the party- I know I talked to a lot of people and I know they had the most delish cake ever. And I know Mere had to be taken home due to her (always fun) drunken antics. Rach reminded me that all night I was calling Mere 'little nugget' and she was not taking it to well.

Anyways- Rach and I ended up over at Matt from The Comas apt with Noah. I slept on the bed while a full on jam session went down. Check out Rach on the guitar... and then the trumpet. Weeeeee!

Here's Rach's attempt at being arty. It's my sleeping face as seen through Noah's fro.

And here's a first... apparantly my chatter makes people pass out. Check out Matt's roommate on the left.

Matt played us the new Comas record... and I'm sure it was great, but I can't remember. All in all I learned that: tequila + beer + delish cake + daylight savings time = massive hangover.